Puppy Preschool

A Course for Puppies Ages 8 – 16 weeks

About the course

Developed for puppies ages 8 -16 weeks, the Puppy Preschool features 31 lessons on a range of topics to help acclimate your puppy to his new home as well as set him up for a wonderful life with humans.  This important time in your puppy’s life is known as the critical socialization period, and the Puppy Preschool offers excellent ideas for socializing your puppy, including an extensive socialization checklist.  In addition, the course covers the life stage characteristics of dogs, suggestions for enrichment and play, teaching puppy his name and to come, preventing or dealing with problem behaviors such as puppy biting, chewing, jumping up, and digging, house training, preventing resource guarding and separation anxiety, and much more. Once enrolled in the course, you may join a private Facebook group to post videos, ask questions, make comments, stay connected, and receive support throughout your learning.


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