Primary School

Basic Manners Course for Puppies
and Dogs Ages 4 Months and Up



about the course

Primary School is a course with 76 lessons based on life-long goals for pets and their owners. The course is designed for all dogs ages 4 months and older. The overriding purpose of the course is to build a relationship with your dog based on effective interspecies communication.  In the class, you will learn how to teach your dog his basic manners including sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, drop it/take it, go to place, touch, watch me, come, and loose leash walking. In addition, the course covers preventing and dealing with common behaviors such as jumping up, digging, counter surfing, chewing, and barking. You will also be informed on how dogs learn and ways to solidify their manners through everyday applications. The hope is that you will finish the course with a greater understanding of your dog and will therefore have a stronger bond than ever before. After you enroll, you may join a private Facebook group to post videos, ask questions, make comments, stay connected, and receive support throughout your learning.




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