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“Paw”sitive Dog Training

The Paw2Paw Philosophy 

Paw2Paw “Paw”sitive Dog Training incorporates the philosophy that all dogs can learn through positive methods when given the appropriate communication and sufficient time.  Professional trainer Jonna Spiller recognizes that all dogs behave in ways that work for them and make them feel safe. The goal of Paw2Paw training is to tap into those internal motivators and help our dogs effectively understand what we want from them.   

Dogs that have good manners and feel safe and secure are much more pleasant to be around and add tremendous happiness to our lives. On the other hand, those that are never taught manners or those that exhibit fear or aggression can be a serious source of stress. The bond between owners and dogs SHOULD be one of the greatest joys you can experience on earth. The mission of Paw2Paw is to help owners understand why dogs behave the way they do and how to best teach their dogs what we humans require to live peaceful and enjoyable lives together.

Group, Online, or Private Dog Training

Group Classes

  Paw2Paw offers a 6 week Primary School (Basic Manners) face-to-face group class led by an instructor with 29 years of teaching experience. In this class you will learn how to teach your dog basic cues such as sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, go to place, loose leash walking, and more.  In addition, the course covers preventing and dealing with common problem behaviors.

Online Training

Paw2Paw offers three online, on-demand courses for your training needs.  The courses include a Pre-Puppy Primer for before bringing home your puppy, Puppy Preschool for puppies ages 8-16 weeks, and Primary School (Basic Manners) for puppies and dogs 4 months old and up. All courses feature a private Facebook group to stay connected while learning.

Private Training

If you prefer a more personalized, hands-on approach to training, Paw2Paw also offers private training by appointment.  Private training can be tailored to the precise needs of you and your dog with an emphasis on your individual goals. Face-to-face lessons are offered at Gober Community Park. Set up an appointment today!

Online Course Options


Pre-Puppy Primer

This course is designed to provide you with everything you need to know BEFORE you bring home your new puppy. It covers setting up rules, puppy proofing, necessary supplies, puppy’s first days in your home, preventing common issues, and much more!


Puppy Pre-School

Developed for puppies ages 8 – 16 weeks, this course helps acclimate your puppy to life in his new home. It covers life stage characteristics, socialization, housetraining, enrichment, teaching puppy his name and come, problem behaviors, and more!


Primary School

Primary School is a course based on life-long goals for pets and their owners. Not only will you be teaching your dog essential basic manners, but you will also learn how to choose a positive, problem-solving approach when faced with challenges.


Why Paw2Paw?

The driving force of Jonna’s work in dog training is to assist in the development of the owner-dog relationship by helping owners understand how to successfully communicate with their canine friend.  She believes in positive dog training that reinforces appropriate behaviors and eliminates inappropriate behaviors without introducing fear or pain.  Jonna is dedicated to helping establish an unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners that will produce a lifetime of joy for both parties.







New Puppy? 

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Dog Owner Reviews

“I highly recommend Paw2Paw Dog Training!!  Jonna helped me with Tripp’s training and he soaked it up like a sponge.  Her training is so positive.  She will help you understand why your dog might behave in a certain way and give you solutions that are based on what makes the most sense to the dog.  She really is the dog whisperer!                                            – Jen Kirkpatrick

  “I brought my baby to train with Jonna a while ago, and I absolutely loved every single minute of it! She’s not only knowledgeable about what’s she’s doing but she’s so hands on, and works with each person individually as well as a group and makes sure that your puppy is getting what THEY need!! I love how personable she is with everyone! Fantastic teacher and such a sweet sweet lady!! 10/10 recommend!”       – Chassidy Cooper

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