Private Training

If you prefer a more personalized, one-on-one approach to training, Paw2Paw also offers private training at Gober Community Park or virtually by appointment.  Private training can be tailored to the precise needs of you and your dog with an emphasis on your individual goals.

There are two private training options to meet your needs. 

Face-to-Face Private Session

Schedule a 60- 90 minute private session at The Community Park in Gober.  The session will take place after an intake form is completed and an agreed upon time is set.


Virtual Private Session

Schedule a private session of up to 60 minutes via Zoom or phone call. The session will be scheduled after an intake form is completed and an agreed upon time is set.


Common training issues we can address and support

Basic Manners

You can have a personalized approach to teaching your dog his basic manners such as sit, down, go to place, touch, come, stay, leave it, and walk on a loose leash. 


We can comprise a plan to stop your dog’s excessive barking before your neighbors have you evicted or the UPS man stops delivering to your home!

Shyness or fear

We can tailor an approach to help your shy or fearful dog become desensitized to some of the objects or people they are anxious about. 

House training

We can pinpoint exactly where the problems are originating in house training and put you well on your way to potty training success. 

Jumping Up

During private training we can develop a strategic plan to eliminate your dog’s jumping behaviors.  No more fear of Aunt Betty being knocked over by your dog at Christmas this year! 

Therapy Dog Requirements

If you are wanting to train your dog to be a therapy dog, I can lead you through and help you train all of the requirements for testing and certification.  

Is private training the best option for you?

Private training is the perfect solution for people with busy schedules because you get to choose the time that works best for you. Also not everyone is comfortable in a group training class nor has the time or patience to complete an online course. Many people definitely don’t want to send their dog off to an expensive board and train option just to get their dog home and realize they don’t act the same for them as they did the trainer.  You may also realize that you as an owner learn best when experiencing one-on-one instruction from a skilled professional rather than bumbling through on your own.  Finally, if your dog has some behavioral issues that require focused, individualized attention, private training may be the perfect fit for you! Contact me today to set up an appointment!

Questions? Get in Touch By Phone Or email

Call, text, or email to find out more or to schedule your private training sessions. 


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